Wednesday, September 14, 2011

waking up under the willa tree

If you've followed my other blog, you know I've been blogging for umpteen years over at Syma Says (it's now private and closed).  Syma was a play off my name (Amy + 1st letter of my last name "S" backwards:  AmyS=Syma).  You also know I recently got married to my dream guy and now have a new last name!  When coming up with a new blogger identity to reflect my new name, I tossed around similar ideas like Wyma, Wamy, and a variety of different variations.  Nothing worked.

I remembered I called myself "Willa" during a recent retreat with a group of friends where there were 3 Amy's and 2 of us were Amy W's.  "Willa" is a play off Wilbanks, my new last name, my Facebook page url is even "akawilla", so I'm assuming the name Willa as my new blogger identity.  She is free spirited, joyful, confident, funny, sensitive, powerful, gracious, sarcastic and thoughtful, all while guzzling Italian roast and doing one handed pushups with the added weight of 5 kids piled on top of her. 

The blog title.  A new name means new exploration within this new identity, right?  I feel like I'm just getting to know this new me.  So why "waking up willa?"  I love the idea of being full of life and awareness in my new name, fully embracing life in the moment and not looking back or going through life asleep.  That is my goal with this new blog (and in life in general!)

Main Entry: awake
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: become alert or cause to rise from sleep
Synonyms: arise, awaken, call, gain consciousness, get up, roll out, rouse, stir, wake, wake up          

Main Entry: alive
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: being animately existent
Synonyms: animate, around, awake, breathing, cognizant, conscious, dynamic, existing, extant, functioning, growing, knowing, live, living, mortal, operative, running, subsisting, viable, vital, working, zoetic

So what to do with Syma?  Ehhh.  That blog was getting stale and boring and I felt like it was becoming too I was starting to blog about the same things over and over.  Also, I felt icky about the constant searches leading to my blog which were things like "zombie boobs" and "naked gore".  Suffice to say, the new blog will not have any graphic images, as I just don't want that kind of traffic.  I will be posting more pictures of myself, as well as post surgery updates and pics, but I'll probably host pictures like that somewhere else password protected. ;)

So with that introduction:::Welcome to Waking Up Willa!  :D


  1. I hope Willa enjoys sangria. And martinis.

  2. My Mama's name is (was? *sigh) named Willa. Good name. She was amazing, loving, kind, compassionate, sweet yet feisty....Ahhhhh, my Mom...I could write a book. She was always so wonderful in my eyes, so you can only imagine she seems even a zillion times more wonderful now that she is gone. All that hindsight, wow it will drive you crazy...

    In fact, I have tried to write this comment four times. Including one comment that was probably the longest in history and I am sure it wouldn't have allowed me to post it. I deleted them all.

  3. Jenna she sounds amazing and I'm so sorry for your loss of her. I can't imagine...<3 I will try to live up to the name! ;)

  4. And Shana, she loves her some sangria! Martinis? She's not that hardcore. Also, been watching lots of Mad Men and I'm dying to taste an Old Fashioned! Especially after reading this description from Esquire Mag: "And a mighty fine drink it is: strong, square-jawed, with just enough civilization to keep you from hollerin' like a mountain-jack." LOL