Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bear Haven, Lot 9

Reggie and I have a habit of going for drives around the area and checking out new nooks and crannies.  Battle Ground and the surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous.  GORGEOUS.  There's all kinds of back roads and neat little neighborhoods tucked away in forests and on hillsides.

A few months back we came across Bear Haven.  No houses yet, (well one model home and it's been sold) it's just an empty subdivision, but we fell in love with this little neighborhood.  The trees and brush and land reminds us both of Alaska.  Actually it used to be a tree farm, so you can imagine how beautiful it is.  The lots are over an acre and a half, and flat and usable and perfect.  We fell in love with lot 9, specifically.

We aren't able to sell our house right now.  We aren't able to move yet.  We don't have a nest egg or even a savings right now.  But in our imaginations, lot 9 is ours.  We've gone there no less than 5 times since we found it.  Walking around the lot, exploring the area, and just being there.  As far as WE'RE's OUR LOT.

I've explored floor plans and dreamt of what kind of house we'd build.  We joke about pitching a tent and staying there and claiming eminent domain.  Today I took Aric by and showed him and on the way I called Reggie and told him we were going.  He suggested I go and stake a "sold" sign while I'm there.  It was tempting.

I don't know if we'll ever be able to have Bear Haven lot 9, but at least we can pretend like it's ours.  I'm thinking we set up a little stone firepit and head up with marshmallows and chocolate and crackers this weekend...

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