Tuesday, November 15, 2011

family update

So the situation is that my niece Lyssa, her daughter Elaina, her fiancee Jonathan and his mom Joyce were on their way to the hospital just before 5am Sunday because Elaina was having problems breathing. Lyssa was holding Elaina according to the police report. Elaina is 8 months old :( Most likely trying to keep her comfortable or calm or something. She's always in her car seat. I'm sure the scene was frantic. Nobody was wearing seatbelts. :( :(  {edited 11/17:  Elaina WAS in her car seat and Lyssa was buckled up as well.  Jen and her family are looking into legal action because the police report is false.  It makes sense with her injuries that she was in car seat, too.}

According to what I heard through family, Jonathan hit or swerved to avoid hitting a deer and ended up crashing into some trees.  The police report doesn't mention the deer, so I don't know if that is accurate or just wasn't included in the report.

Elaina and Joyce were thrown from the vehicle upon impact. Lyssa was trapped. Jonathan was driving and escaped with minor injuries. Lyssa and Elaina had to be life-flighted to the trauma center. 

Lyssa has a fractured back.  They did surgery to remove crushed vertebrae and put a pin in.  She has feeling in her arms and feet however she can only move one (swelling most likely the cause), has several rib fractures, a collapsed lung and head trauma. Her skull fracture doesn't show depressions or hemorrhaging.  They are talking about putting in a vein filter to prevent a blood clot from reaching her heart because she's so immobile and will be for a while. She is sedated but is awake and can talk, and Jennifer and her had a good visit yesterday for several hours.

Elaina has two fractured femurs, fractured hips, ruptured kidney (surgery Sunday to remove it), and a fractured skull. There's no sign of skull depression or hemorrhaging. She's had 4-5 units of blood (basically her body volume in blood) and during surgery Sunday her bp kept dropping, so they have her on medicine for that. Yesterday they put her in full traction and went in to clean up from the emergency kidney surgery now that she's stable.  They are taking her intubation out today because she's breathing over it.  :D  Her color is good, vitals are good and they are starting her on nutrition today.  Feed that baby!  <3

Joyce had a collapsed lung and was intubated for a while but she's since had that removed and is doing well.  Tomorrow she's having facial reconstructive surgery for several crushed eye socket bones.  

Jonathan came away with hairline fractures on his wrist and arm I think...a dislocated knee and bumps and bruises.  He's limping but not having to use crutches or anything so he's doing good.

Please keep everyone in your hearts and hold a compassionate space for them as they heal and face whatever lies ahead.  <3<3<3

{edited 11/17:  Elaina is developing pneumonia so they are changing her antibiotics.  Lyssa got a back brace today so she was able to sit for a little while today but it made her sick.  Jen was able to give her a bath and wash her hair in bed yesterday.  Everyone is still stable and working hard to recover. }

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