Saturday, November 12, 2011

how far would you go?

Reggie and I have been throwing ourselves into our latest TV obsession: Breaking Bad. I love the story which begs the question "How far would you go?". If you had xxx amount of time to live (which really we are all on a temporary pass), how far would you go to leave your family financial security and peace of mind for after you're gone?

What if it's not so drastic. What if you're just tired of scraping by and your tens of thousands of dollars of student loans are weighing on your shoulders?

How far would you go?

I recently read about this website called "SeekingArrangments" which is a matching site for sugar babies and sugar daddies. For a 2-3k a month "allowance", you have a sexual/sugar baby relationship with usually an older wealthy man who is interested in you as a playmate once or twice a week...someone to wisk off to exotic locations, take on spending sprees, take you to fancy dates, etc. And you can have more than one "SD", too. I read an article last night that said more and more college students are doing these arrangements to pay off student loan debt and pay their tuition and bills. Its not legally prostitution because there is an ongoing relationship that may or may not include sex. I wonder if it feels like prostitution though? Basically sugar babies are being paid by sugar daddies for their time, and within that construct, there is an expectation of sex. You are free to decline or leave the relationship or date and there's not an obligation to stay, except I imagine it would be hard to adjust back to being broke after you have a 5k a month lifestyle for being a playmate and spoiled. I don't judge people who do this, after all the only person they could potential hurt is themselves.

Breaking Bad is all about this uptight straight and narrow family man/chemistry teacher who turns to making meth in order to provide for his family. He'd been diagnosed with lung cancer and not given a very optimistic prognosis. So naturally he decided to cook meth. Pretty soon he's rolling in the dough...but a comedy of errors forces him to lose his fortune time and time again.

So in the end, you have to it worth it? Is the reward worth the risk for a sketchy lifestyle? How far would you go? For a thousand dollars? For 10k? For a million?

Would you take an Indecent Proposal?

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