Friday, November 18, 2011

let me tell you about a man

I met him in 2005.  I was pretty much a hot mess; a single mom with four kids, fresh out of a divorce that consumed my 20's and my self-worth, trying to be independent and strong.  I hadn't planned on anything so serious.

We were friends first - the best kind,  the kind you can be a total dipshit with, and they still think you rock.  We talked about our horrible dates as we were both single and doing the thing.  We laughed at anything and everything.  We were each other's wingmen.  We had inside jokes and made fun of each other.  Neither of us had anything planned for the 4th of July, and I didn't have my kids so we decided to go on a road trip.

It didn't take us beyond Sisters, OR to realize there was something more.  By the time we came home three days later, high from endorphins and the sandy coastal beaches, we were inseparable.   And totally and helplessly in love.

A few months later, I was diagnosed with a grapefruit sized benign tumor in my sacrum.  A month after that the kids and I moved up to his house.  A month after that I had my tumorectomy.

It seemed that if we could make it through all of that, we could make it through anything.  And we have so far.

This man and I have been through some rough stuff together.  And some amazing and wonderful stuff.  You know, the stuff that life is all about.  In 6 years we lived through college, jobs, parenting struggles, a new baby, attacking ostriches, near drownings, dead cars, house renovations, 3 boys in puberty and lots of failed attempts at trying to manage small children in public. 

But this guy sticks with me.  Even when I'm a raging bitch and tearing off his head or a clingy lunatic begging him to stay home from work to snuggle me.  Somehow he thinks I'm worth it all.  I still don't get it...but I'm extremely grateful.

Because this guy?  He's pretty damn amazing.  And now I'm his wife, which makes me even more amazing by proxy.

<3 some of my fave pictures of this man who stole my heart like a damn thief.

at the coast july 2011
by the  FABULOUS MIKE BURRY of Umbra Photography
think I was a little surprised?  Hello upside down universe!  I love you!
My sweet gorgeous man just before the hair got donated in 2010.  (sadpanda loves his long luxurious hair!)

hello, stud.  please carry my child to the car. arm veins = UNF!
cutest ever in 2006?

dancing while waiting for the fair bus in 2007.  I was pg with max but I didn't know it yet!  :D :D

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