Thursday, November 10, 2011


I'm just not a horribly crafty person.  I have tried to be in the past...and I think there might be some hidden talent in there somewhere, but it's buried under the weight of kids and duty and country.  Whatever, it's buried.

Have you been on before?  It's like...a talent show of the craft world with unreasonably high levels of awesome.  And while I'm not a sewer, knitter or otherwise "craft" type person, I did find some crafty things even I might be capable of producing.

sweater sleeves and old buttons.  HOW HARD CAN IT BE?

old tshirts turned into skirt ruffles.  hello, sexy.

cardboard tubes.  Seriously, if I can craft with toilet paper rolls, what hope is there?

for when I'm feeling carpenter-y

milk jug igloo.  because it's cool, that's why.

cloud lights.  this is probably well above my diy ability.

it's freakin scotch tape!  WINNING!

scrubby soap to buff your skin make you stink good

I'm just sayin..I probably drink well enough to decorate my house in these fixtures.

fine art creation that I don't even have to make!
So while I won't be knitting a hoodie for my camera or little mittens for my children anytime soon, I'm pretty sure there's a level of craft that I can attain to. 

Thank you Pinterest.

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