Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanksgiving gangstadancefeastday

assorted pix from our day today. Andy is it's a thuglife for us.

do I look like a 15 year old boy??

turkey dinner cookin' dance partay!

See, we're mostly normal.  ;)  I'll get better pictures tomorrow.

We had a fabulous day today just goofing around and having tons of fun.  I made Andy get out of bed and dress the turkey.  Sophia chopped up everything for the stuffing and sauteed.  Aric made deviled eggs.  Max just made messes, and Reggie RELAXED!  Wish Zach could have been here but he is down with family on the coast visiting relatives.  Lucky guy!  <3

Hope everyone had an amazing day of giving thanks and hugging on their families.  Here's a little update from my sister!!!

SO the big news is big improvements with both of my girls!!! lets start with baby. Depending on how xrays go this weekend there is a possibility of coming off traction and no cast this week even!!! Just dont see how its possible to heal so fast, but babys are incredible little things! Well see what it shows. fingers crossed. She is off the vent and even off the nasal cannula as of this morning. Ox...ygenation is great but she still sounds junky. Cant sit up and work it out like she would normally be able to. She is getting chest PT and is doing well. slight fever this am - hope that is nothing. Apparently her chest xrays have been looking good. She is not sedated like before and is being weaned off pain meds. She is calm, looking around with those big bright blue eyes and is the favorite of all the staff here - everyone is in love with her!! she really is amazing! My baby girl!!! Lyssa continues to make awesome progress. She is supposed t be transferred to Magee tomorrow for inpatient spinal rehab, and her progress here amazes me! We cut off her long long hair yesterday - she made me do it - if I didn't do it she was going to give herself a buzzcut - couldn't have that! She just wants it to be easy to care for especially for rehab and while she is recuping. No voluntary movement yet of her left leg however - using her right leg to brace she is able to turn HERSELF over! She sat in a chair for almost 4 hours yesterday with her back brace on and her spirits are high. See the pix of her new do. Joe is cooking up our Thanksgiving dinner and we will eat it with her and Jon here in the hosp. Once everyone is home we will have a proper feast at home! Eternally Thankful on this day to have my family still here with me, and doing so remarkable well! Do me a favor and just hug and kiss your family today and really spend a minute truly appreciating them!! Love you all! Have a blessed day!
And a few pictures of Lyssa!

Fancy back brace/superwoman uniform!

Beautiful Niece!!
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!  Keep them coming!!!  <3

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