Wednesday, January 4, 2012

POWER in 2012

That's my word to thrive on this year.


I've been doing a Self Nurture Class with Nuture Life Coaching and the wise Savannah Mayfield in Portland and it's been so vital to help me get in touch with my own wise self and realize that my wise self is a pretty powerful person.

I've spent so much of my life not protecting my power and not living an authentic life, and though in the past few years I've tapped into that power and utilize it on a daily basis, there is still a ways to go.  To me, power isn't just about speaking up for what I want.  It's about love, wisdom, grace, perseverance, awareness, responsibility, knowing who I am and living a whole life.  It's not being a victim, a complainer, or saying things like "I'm not ready for that".  It's taking chances and not letting fear, doubt and worry hold me back from letting my power shine to inspire, comfort and encourage others and grow as a human being in every capacity.  It's not wandering around lost, it's blazing a trail according to my values and gifts.  It's also being compassionate and holding space for my feelings and emotions, whatever they may be.

I did a vision mapping project with Savvy last year which is basically just a board that you attach dreams, hopes, pictures, words, etc. to that inspire and uplift you.  It's broken up into 9 different sections, and the section that is about who you are as a person is where I go whenever I look at my board. 


So this year, I intend to dwell and transform in this space, and live a more authentic and powerful life based on my values, gifts and strength.

Get ready for some big love!

Happy New Year!


  1. Great post Babe! Let that power through!!!

  2. I have another friend who blogs ( and she posted this link:

    A Goddess Guidebook. After seeing this and remembering your blog, I thought you'd enjoy.