Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Organization Creations

I know things have to change.  I've been struggling for a long time with this, but each time I start, I run out of steam.  My house is a series of unfinished projects, confused spaces, patchwork organization and a tornado of chaos.  My life, really...

So there I sat, uninspired, stalled out and tired of thinking about it.  Maybe I should just accept that I'm lazy, disorganized and a perpetual mess.  But I hate self pity, and when I get to that place, I claw my way back up to the light where I can breath and BE again.

So I stopped thinking about it.

Organizing starts from the inside out, so I went back to basics and started designing.  Visual representations.  Asking questions, brainstorming answers, and putting it all together.  Instead of dwelling on the way it's been and what I hate, I am trying to focus on what my life will look like once it's the way I want.  Talk about exciting.  This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Taking a large step back, I thought about who I am and what I want, and what I want to accomplish.  In my personal life, in my family life, professional life and love life.  I know that change can't happen without accepting and working with yourself on a deep and painfully honest level...so rather than running away frustrated and hopeless that A, B and C system didn't work, I decided to put together a personalized plan, fit for me and my quirks and annoying habits. ;)  I still don't know if any of this is going to help me put all of this into motion, but it feels good, and as long as I can be consistent about it, change can happen.

I started by putting together a visual representation of my core values, as they are right now (they change over time).

Then I decided to simplify the chores, so we aren't flying by the seat of our pants every day scrambling to keep up with messes.

Then when I thought about menu planning and visualizing my head exploding, I remembered that I'd already put this together a few months ago when we came off the juice diet!  BOOYA!  Maybe if I have all this in one place I'll actually use all this crap I put together...

I also want to put together a more detailed daily schedule with time mapped out for housework, photography design and work, blogging, library storytimes for Max, family nights, working out, etc.

There's lots going on with the kids too that I need to start staying on top of.  The more I neglect getting appointments made and a structure in place, the longer the torture continues. More on that later. 

Until then, I'll keep you updated with progress!!

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